By Steve Costello

Video offers untapped opportunities for operators

Mobile operators have an opportunity to use their relationships with customers to improve video propositions “in ways they may not be taking advantage of today”, Michele Edelman, EVP of marketing and content strategy for Vubiquity, said.

“They know if video is being watched and can offer up programs and or services based on current usage. One thing we know is, if it’s popular and available, it will be found, so it’s smart to make everything available and have your service be the one that’s being accessed. Consumers control the market today,” she said.

So far, operators have taken a number of routes to boost their content propositions, from partnering to spending big on exclusive content – and Edelman noted “the results have varied”.

With AT&T having gone so far as its megadeal with Time Warner, which is still in its early days in terms of products and services, the executive said that “I think we need to let the market make this decision for us”.

But perhaps the key challenge in delivering content is the fact content is being consumed across a range of devices, in homes and on the move, across fixed and mobile networks. And there is a requirement for a high-quality user experience at all times.

“Consumers move through content the same way we move through doors… fast and as though we do it every moment of the day. They expect content across a range of devices and we need to deliver it that way, even if we’re catching up while we do it,” Edelman said.

Vubiquity, which is an Amdocs company, is working with operators on “licensing, processing distribution and everything in between”.

“Competition is everywhere and the race to grab consumers is fierce. We help to educate our customers and provide quantifiable support wherever we can,” she said.

Edelman is speaking in The Cost of Mobile Content: Creation and Distribution session, today at 12:30.