By Saleha Riaz

Small companies advised
to prep for 5G

Companies of all sizes should have a 5G strategy in place even if they don’t think the technology will be available to them any time soon, according to Mark Melling, head of RYOT Studio EMEA at Verizon Media.

Speaking at “The Business of Creating Amazing Consumer Experiences” session, he said RYOT had built a lab specifically for experimenting with 5G technology.

“5G gives us the capability to do instant motion capture. This has never been done before and we are the first ones to do it. Imagine the future of the next Avatar movie, when it doesn’t take months and weeks to render every single scene,” he said.

“Latency is going to disappear”, making connections more reliable and instant, he added.

Melling also said it was essential that everyone in the company understands the tech; keeping an eye out on how 5G is impacting related industries; and distinguishing between 5G capability and connectivity.

Meanwhile Phil Keslin, Niantic CTO and co-founder, believes his company has successfully managed to create amazing consumer experiences because its games - Pokemon Go and Ingress - was able to get kids outdoors and bring communities together.

The session also included a talk from Magic Leap’s chief product officer Omar Khan, who said the company is working hard to ensure its mixed reality (AR/VR) headset doesn’t cause any strain on the eyes so its use cases can be expanded.

This includes watching TV on demand anywhere, the ability to place furniture in a room before buying it and immersive sports experiences in the home, so more people can enjoy the courtside experience.

He said story tellers will also be able to use it as “they don’t want to be limited to a screen. They want the world to be their canvas”.