By Steve Costello

TIP updates on progress

Facebook-backed Telecom Infra Project (TIP) launched several new project groups at MWC19 Barcelona, three years after the initiative was first launched at the event.

One, OpenRAN 5G NR, is co-chaired by Vodafone and Sprint. The group is looking to influence the technology in its early stages, to reaffirm the roadmap toward next generation, white-box disaggregated RAN solutions.

The second, Wi-Fi Project Group, co-chaired by Deutsche Telekom and Facebook, is intended to drive collaboration, exploration, and standardisation among organisations deploying Wi-Fi, infrastructure vendors and service providers.”

The group also said it is showcasing how TIP technology solutions fit into an end-to-end mobile network architecture. In a blog post, the organisation said: “TIP solutions can, themselves, drive cost-savings, enable faster upgrades, improves manageability and more, but it is only when viewed in the context of the broader network that their benefits are fully realised.”