By Paul Rasmussen

Digital service play must take measured approach

The creation of digital services is part of the key strategic objectives for a majority of companies. However, building and deploying these new services must be carefully considered and are not without problems.

“It requires the involvement of between 20 and 30 suppliers to create an enterprise IoT service, for example,” cautions Romil Bahl, CEO of Kore Wireless. “It’s part of our responsibility to make a success of the co-creation of a digital service, but it must be understood by all involved that it’s a very complex process.”

“Firstly, and most critically, we must understand what the customer is looking to achieve, and then focus everything on their success. They must have a clear strategy that we can align the IoT with, and KPIs so all involved can measure progress and the level of success. This should include the cultural fit of all the players involved, what resources are needed, the budgeted costs and the ROI target,” Bahl said at the Wednesday session on Service Co-Creation that Delivers Value and Impact.

Glenn Lurie (pictured), CEO of Synchronoss, shared his viewpoint on the topic, claiming that the customer must be at the centre of the digital service co-creation, with suppliers agreeing what problems needs to be resolved. “Detail the problems and put a process around each. Failure will occur if those involved lack agreement, understanding and appropriate guidance.”

Lurie had three basic messages: “Understand the business issues, put the right team in place, and simplify the problems. Then listen to the customer and make sure you’re absolutely aligned.”

The Synchronoss executive also detailed the importance of building a trusted relationship with the customer. “It’s no difference to building a close personal relationship. It needs a structure, but you can only earn this level of trust over time.”