By Joanne Taaffe

Verizon’s RYOT to power XR with 5G

Mark Melling, head of Verizon Media’s immersive content marketing company, RYOT Studio, is confident that 5G will provide a huge boost to the extended reality campaigns the unit develops for its customers.

“2019 is all about 5G,” Melling told Mobile World Daily ahead of his appearance on a consumer experiences panel today. “We will be working with brands to leverage this technology in our new innovation studio and 5G lab in Los Angeles, as well as working to enable our EMEA studio in London.”

He said extended reality (XR) campaigns on mobile are now part of the company’s DNA, “and will become even more so as 5G network technology develops”.

One of RYOT Studio’s goals is to create non-intrusive commercial content for advertisers across publications such as HuffPost, which is owned by Verizon Media, as well as its apps and platforms.

“While mobile user experiences can often be inundated with overt advertising, we use native formats that allow advertisers to join conversations and add value, rather than interrupt the experience with brand messaging,” said Melling.

But Melling cautioned that technology alone is not enough to win over an audience.

“Our approach to any new technology is the same: will it enhance the story? Not if or how can we use a new technology, but why are we using it to help the narrative. There’s no point using technology for the sake of it. The medium we use to engage audiences, whether that be native articles, custom video or creative technology, only works when we know what story we want to tell. We use the multiple data sources across our platforms to derive original insights into our audiences to spark the right story and ultimately create the most impact.”