By Joanne Taaffe

Red Hat pushes native cloud architecture for 5G

5G will transform customer experience for the media and entertainment industry, providing the mobile industry can deliver on its promise of high bandwidth and low latency, Azhar Sayeed, chief architect, SDN and NFV, Red Hat believes.

“The media and entertainment business is highly sensitive to customer experiences,” he said. “We are already talking about 4K and 8K video, immersion-based applications such as holographic presence and VR and AR will soon be real, requiring high bandwidth and very low latency guarantees.”

Sayeed also stressed the importance of developing a cloud-native architecture for 5G.

“When it comes to distribution,” he explained, “5G can combine edge computing and flexible management of the data plane to deliver high-speed connectivity.”

Red Hat is working to develop new functionality and remove the obstacles for adoption of hybrid cloud and cloud-native technologies like OpenStack and Kubernetes for the deployment of 5G and vRANs, said Sayeed.

“These features and tuned capabilities are applicable to both data centres and the edge for media and entertainment, for use in transcoding, delivery of content, cache and subscriber management.”

Red Hat is a member of the ORAN Alliance, which is working to define a cloud-native vRAN environment and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which defines cloud-native architectures.

“5G creates an inflection point for the media and entertainment industry and we are hyper focussed on building a flexible infrastructure that can deploy a service provider’s choice of virtual machines, containers and applications in private, public or hybrid cloud models,” said Sayeed.