By Paul Rasmussen

GSMA head calls for industry to drive future digital agenda

Mats Granryd, director general GSMA, proposed a regulatory framework to boost security and bring to fruition an era of intelligent connectivity, in a bid to accelerate the adoption of a common digital agenda.

The GSMA head said it would help to build a better future by demonstrating leadership in security and trust.

“The GSMA is working on behalf of our members to unite the broader digital ecosystem behind a common vision, namely to act ethically in the digital economy. The security of financial transactions is critical to consumer trust. When you can trust someone with your money, you can trust them with pretty much anything.”

Labelled The Digital Declaration, Granryd confirmed that, in addition to mobile operators, 48 major companies - including key infrastructure and technology providers - were now backing the initiative.

“If the mobile and tech industries take the lead on this, we’ll be able to bring other industries and governments with us,” he told attendees at MWC19 Barcelona.

The regulatory framework, according to Granryd, must be fit for the digital age, with the following key objectives:

“Firstly, for governments not to kill this long-term opportunity by short-term greediness. Next, the approval for consolidation to drive investment while maintaining effective competition. Thirdly, we need to see the same rules for equivalent digital services, with an even playing field for operators and internet players; and lastly, we must have harmonised international privacy and data protection rules.”

“This framework is something we at the GSMA will be working hard on your behalf to secure,” said Granryd, adding that the organisation stood ready to work with governments and regulators to put any concerns to rest.