By Chris Donkin

Tech trio set to transform Americas

Widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), IoT technology and 5G connections will have a massive impact on society across the Americas, a new GSMA report found.

In its study, Intelligent Connectivity: How the Combination of 5G, AI and IoT Is Set to Change the Americas, GSMA said the region would benefit hugely from the age of “intelligent connectivity” – the fusion of high-speed 5G, AI and IoT.

This new era of connectivity was tipped to impact the lives of individuals and transform a wide number of industries, including entertainment, public transportation and logistics. Increased connectivity will enable safer travel and the rise of drone delivery systems, while high speed networks will deliver new immersive experiences, the report said.

GSMA director general Mats Granryd said next generation connectivity technologies will “change the world” by “intelligently connecting everyone and everything to a better future.”

He added: “Intelligent connectivity will have a significant and positive impact on individuals, industry and society, marking the beginning of a new era defined by highly contextualised and personalised experiences. Augmented and virtual reality will change the way we watch live sports and music concerts, drones will deliver packages to our homes, while virtual personal assistants will manage our lives for us.”

The report also hailed the progress made by mobile operators in preparing for 5G across the Americas, stating great strides were being made, especially in the US. By 2025, the Americas region is expected to account for over 260 million 5G connections, or 20 per cent of the global market.