By Diana Goovaerts

5G brings human touch to live events

The increased speed and ultra-low latency enabled by 5G will help humanise live events, bringing fans up close and personal with athletes and celebrities, Boingo Wireless CEO David Hagan said.

With 5G connectivity, Hagan told Mobile World Daily, “we’ll actually be able to show, for instance, that [basketball player] Steph Curry’s heart rate throwing a free throw to win the game is actually a lot higher than in the first quarter when he’s shooting that free throw.”

He added: “There’s no reason [basketball player] LeBron James can’t have a mini camera embedded in his jersey so you can actually be LeBron going in for a dunk, so we can all experience that.”

While all eyes are on the operators to build out 5G, Hagan said stadiums and venues are “more willing than ever to invest capital in networks,” noting “you can no longer walk into a venue and not have good wireless connectivity, whether it’s cellular or Wi-Fi. Consumers expect it.”

David Hagan is speaking during Keynote 5: Media and Entertainment today at 09:00.