By Chris Donkin

Consumers expect seamless, secure digital payments

Blurred lines between the physical and digital worlds in commerce have increased consumer demand for convenient transaction experiences, but expectations around security remain unchanged, Mastercard EVP Cheryl Guerin said.

Speaking to Mobile World Daily, she said mobile fundamentally changed the consumer relationship and offered companies the opportunity to deliver experiences in a new and differentiated manner.

“People have been buying things in the physical world longer than the digital world…but in the digital world, technology introduces new commerce experiences and opportunities to meet the consumer where they are.”

She added: “The divide between paying in a physical or digital world only exists to us in our industry. People just want to buy their service, product or experience the way they want.”

Guerin noted consumers are increasingly using smartwatches and fitness bands to pay for goods in addition to conducting transactions online and in person. But she said expectations around security are consistent across payment channels.

“When people shop online or via mobile, they expect the same convenience and security that they have in store.”

Cheryl Guerin is speaking at the Mapping the Path to eCommerce: Success in Mobile session today at 15:15.