By Diana Goovaerts

Spotlight helps propel women in tech

Two executives tipped visibility as a key tool for promoting women in tech, noting recognition in the workplace and female role models can help women build confidence to succeed in a male-dominated environment.

Mary Clark (pictured, left), CMO at Synchronoss, and tech entrepreneur Susann Birgersdotter (pictured, right), advised women to take initiative, tackling hard tasks that showcase their strengths and abilities. Birgersdotter said “it’s important that women take ownership of their own development and career to inspire other women to do the same thing”.

When a job is done well, they shouldn’t feel shy about shining a light on their success, Clark added: “We are always challenged in the proverbial tooting of our own horn but it is required to make sure we are visible in a landscape that is not made to make us naturally visible.”

But just as important as making themselves seen is women’s ability to see other women in leadership roles.

Clark explained: “Just like many things in life, until you see it, you don’t believe it. The confidence-gap is a real issue – many women need huge encouragement to pursue a role they are far more qualified for than many men. We need to see more women in technology leadership roles so that more women can say ‘if she did it, so can I.’”

Both Birgersdotter and Clark pointed out mentorship and coaching programs can provide a crucial pipeline to help companies meet hiring and promotion goals to build the ranks of female leadership. Formal mentorship programs can also provide exposure and drive more diverse teams, as men and women gain more experience working together on different projects, Clark added.

Susanne Birgersdotter will be speaking in the Trailblazing Organisational Change panel today at 14:15. Mary Clark will be speaking in the Women Empowering Technology session Thursday 13 September at 13:00.