By Chris Donkin

Media experts urge operators to seize content opportunity

Media industry experts identified content personalisation and the provision of low-latency connectivity able to support advanced broadcast services as two key opportunities for mobile operators.

During the second keynote, which focused on innovation, Wurl CEO Sean Doherty (pictured, left) and Vubiquity CEO Darcy Antonellis (pictured, right) illustrated the bright potential available for mobile operators in the media sector – even if they don’t buy or produce content themselves.

Doherty noted in the era of 5G, operators could strike deals with brands to provide the bandwidth to support advanced, low-latency video services such as multi-angle sports. The content produced could then be sold to consumers at a premium.

He added low-latency “would encourage more session time and more use. If I were a carrier I’d sell that, I would not make that generally available for free”.

Another major revenue opportunity – which some operators are already taking advantage of – is targeting advertising and content using network data. Doherty said mobile companies have a “gold mine of incredibly valuable information” which could be used for a number of use cases with the users’ permission.

Antonellis agreed, noting personalised experiences were highly valued by today’s consumers.

She said data gathered by operators could offer a complete view of consumer behaviour able to help deliver a personalised user experience, and maximise user engagement as mobile becomes an increasingly popular way to consume video.

“At the end of 2020, we’re going to be spending much more time on [mobile] devices than we will against a TV,” Antonellis noted. She added operators had an advantage in this era as they already “have a 360 [degree] view and understand who you are and your behaviour on media and non-media”.