China Mobile, Huawei target improved user experience

China Mobile and Huawei jointly launched the Network Experience Index (NEI) designed to promote better user experience through innovative and intelligent data analysis.

The index, launched at the NEI Forum yesterday at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, is a network assessment model “that applies classic indexing theory to quantify the network experience of users”, the companies said in a statement.

They explained the index uses scientific methodology centred on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and big data, aiding operators in making informed business decisions and “bringing a better digital experience to users”.

The companies said they were responding to advanced technologies and a widening range of applications, which means it’s increasingly challenging to manage “growing network complexity, large numbers of assessment criteria and a lack of unified standards for assessing user experience”.

The NEI is designed to help improve user experience, and enable operators to adapt to “the changes and needs in this new era”.

Speaking at the forum, Li Huidi, EVP of China Mobile, said the two companies would work with peers across the industry “to build a partner alliance that is innovation-driven, secure and trusted”, with the goal of setting global standards for network experience.