By Chris Donkin

AT&T expects 5G to be more secure than 4G

AT&T public policy expert Christopher Boyer (pictured, right) lauded security features being developed for 5G compared to previous network technologies, as the debate on security implications of the adoption of the technology continues.

During a panel discussing 5G security, Boyer, the operator’s assistant VP for public policy, said though the new access technology is being built differently to its predecessors, it is actually expected to be more secure.

“Just because 5G architecturally is new, offering new concepts for edge compute, use of software-defined networking and pushing that out into the RAN doesn’t mean it’s necessarily less secure,” he said, citing several organisations working to hash out new standards.

“If you apply traditional cybersecurity strength and depth techniques against 5G architecture we actually think 5G will be a step forward in security,” Boyer noted. “We can learn from what we didn’t do with previous wireless we can build in additional capabilities which is what’s happening now.”

Ultimately, he said, he expected 5G technology to be the most secure iteration of wireless technology brought to the market yet.