By Joseph Waring

Verizon sees stronger business case for private networks

Verizon Business CEO Tami Erwin suggested the advanced capabilities delivered by dedicated private networks are now critical to many enterprises which understand having a future-ready infrastructure is a must in the current environment.

Ahead of her panel session today, Erwin told Mobile World Daily private networks provide the foundation for a completely dedicated edge compute infrastructure, enabling ultra-low latency at the premises, and higher levels of security and customisation.

She added these networks are also the gateway to private edge compute capabilities, bringing “fundamentally game-changing value to help drive revenue, efficiency, new experiences and cost savings” across all verticals.

The CEO believes the industry has hit an inflection point, with growth accelerating. “We are seeing more proof that enterprises across industries can benefit from having a dedicated private network on premise.”

She acknowledged building complex networks for enterprises isn't easy and starts with being customer centric. “We’re network and tech specialists, but we’re also problem solvers who help customers redefine how they want to work.”

Verizon Business sees strong potential from the transportation and logistics sectors, giving the example of deploying a private 5G network at the Port of Southampton, UK last April. “The deployment not only addresses the problem of loss of onsite data communications as a result of poor Wi-Fi, but enables the use of real-time analytics, IoT and machine learning,” said Erwin.