Staying safe at MWC22

Health and safety is of paramount importance at MWC Barcelona 2022 and, inspired by the experience of successfully hosting three MWC events last year, the GSMA has put together a detailed plan to ensure everyone stays safe and is able to make the most of this year’s event.

Some of the main points and changes to usual editions of the event are detailed below. For all the latest health and safety news please check the official MWC22 app on-site or visit

Before travel: Check with your airline/travel provider on current protocols to get into Spain. The latest information is also available on Spain’s Ministry of Health website and could vary depending on the departure location.

Entry: To get into the Fira Gran Via all attendees, including staff and exhibitors, must provide proof of: vaccination against Covid-19, a valid certificate of recovery, or negative diagnostic test (a PCR or rapid antigen test is accepted).

Documents proving Covid-19 status should be submitted through the official MWC22 app or registration page on the conference website. These will then be checked by the event’s medical partner Quironprevencion, should there be any issues with anything submitted the healthcare company will contact the individual by email.

Once proof has been accepted, a digital entry badge will be activated and attendees will receive a text confirmation.

Those taking a test for access must take one every 72 hours. Each result is only valid if the 72 hour period after the test is taken covers the whole day of the event. If it expires during the day, the individual will be denied entry.

Delegates with lapsing entry certificates will be notified in advance by the app with the expiry date displayed on attendees’ digital badges.

Those using fully vaccinated status for entry must have had their final dose at least 15 days prior to the event. Vaccination certificates and approved proof of recovery documents are valid for the entire event. No testing will be available on-site.

In addition to proof of Covid-19 status, attendees will be required to submit a daily health questionnaire and declaration on the app.

In the venue: MWC22 is a touchless environment with many customer service facilities which were previously available in-person moved to online-only with most done in advance. This includes registration and validation of ID, which is not able to be done by staff on-site.

All attendees must wear a FFP2 (Filtering Facepiece Respirators) mask, without a valve, that satisfies European Standard EN 149:2001 and bears the CE mark. These must be worn whenever inside the venue. Surgical masks, cloth masks and other face coverings are not acceptable.

Within all areas of the conference social distancing rules will be in place with occupancy monitoring technology used to help minimise crowds. There will also be measures in place to prevent overcrowding and bottlenecks at the entrances and exits using the latest crowd management tools.

Alongside what attendees can do themselves, the venue will have a number of measures in place including air recirculation above standard at 12.5 liters/sec/person and thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Disinfectant gels will be available at the entrance, exit and various points throughout the Fira.

Feeling unwell? If in the venue please immediately go to the onsite medical facility, where assistance will be available from trained medical staff familiar with the latest Covid-19 infection control protocols.

Anytime an MWC attendee feels unwell (including when not in the venue) they can call the Quironsalud hospitality service on +34 901 123 456. Over-the-phone support on this line is available 24/7 in ten different languages.

Anyone testing positive at any point during MWC22 will have their digital badge deactivated.

Should international attendees become ill the GSMA has provided insurance to cover the cost of an extended stay in Barcelona on medical grounds.

The policy can be activated following a positive PCR test. Attendees will be able to claim accommodation fees up to €150 per day (for a maximum of 15 days), alongside transport back home following the isolation period and if required medical expenses up to €100,000.

Around Barcelona: Regulations and guidelines related to Covid-19 are changing on a regular basis, so for the latest information check local health authority guidance online and follow instructions within the hotel, restaurants and other public facilities.