Head of IoT Business Development Vodafone Business

INTERVIEW: Phil Skipper, head of IoT business development at Vodafone Business (pictured), hailed the potential of integrated SIM (iSIM) technology to drive mass market adoption of next generation SIMs.

Speaking to Mobile World Live during its ‘Moving to a Future Software World’ Themed Week, Skipper noted iSIM, an evolution of eSIM, would allow cost-efficient deployment for multiple devices at global industries.

He explained iSIM allowed next-generation SIM technology to be designed into the silicon of the host device at a very early stage, meaning the technology was easy for industries to deploy.

“The provisioning of the SIM becomes very easy and it’s a very low-cost solution for things like mobile asset tracking,” Skipper noted. “Not only does it make it cheaper, it actually makes it a lot easier to connect many, many different devices”.

He stated Vodafone had so-far seen the greatest traction of the iSIM technology in large global industries, including the automotive sector and some of the big product OEMs.

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