Verizon stresses sports, venue benefits for 5G uptake


Chief Revenue Officer Verizon Consumer Group

INTERVIEW: Verizon found adoption of 5G across its consumer base is faster than previous generations of mobile network technology, highlighting features such as low latency and the quickest available speeds as the most appealing points when promoting the technology.

In an interview with Mobile World Live, Verizon Consumer Group chief revenue officer Frank Boulben explained the operator focused on introducing what it calls ‘5G Ultra Wideband’ service which promises “the fastest speeds” in places such as stadiums, concert venues, airports and train stations where people can easily stream and transfer data regardless of crowds around them.

The multi-purpose nature of the next-generation network is another feature the company stresses, offering consumers a 5G wireless network which allows people to connect their homes with broadband connectivity.

Verizon has also prioritised efforts to appeal to gamers, as they can benefit from the ultra-low latency offered with 5G.

Boulben pointed to a recent partnership with the National Football League in the US which centres around “improving the experience in stadiums for the fans,” so they can stream live while at the stadium and have a better viewing experience through the option to watch from seven different camera angles and receive real-time statistics about the players.

The Verizon executive also noted more than 25 per cent of the operator’s customers already had a 5G-capable device, and two-thirds of its new customers opted for its unlimited premium plans.

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