Verizon predicts revolution in content creation

Sanyogita Shamsunder


INTERVIEW: Verizon VP of technology development and 5G Labs Sanyogita Shamsunder predicted next-generation connectivity would revolutionise the media industry, increasing creation of high-quality material and enabling delivery of more immersive consumer experiences.

Shamsunder told Mobile World Live 5G will fulfil the need for “a lot of bandwidth” to record and transmit AR/VR experiences spanning sports, entertainment and education.

The mobile technology will broaden access to content creation, allowing more consumers and small businesses to participate. She explained high-quality content creation previously required professional-grade cameras, but “today we can use some of the smartphones…to create these assets and also stream” content “on the other end”.

The executive tipped next-generation tech to deliver high-bandwidth content while consumers are on the move: “If you’re just one person watching it on Wi-Fi at home, I think that’s perfectly fine. But when you’re talking about being able to do this on the go, anywhere you want and on demand, I think that’s where you will see the need for 5G.”

During the interview, Shamsunder also discussed how Verizon is working with developers to build next generation apps.

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