UK health group hails 5G remote care boost


WM5G Healthcare Lead

INTERVIEW: Next-generation 5G technology has already proved to be a fundamental enabler in revolutionising the way the healthcare sector operates in the UK, Adrian Smith, healthcare lead at West Midlands 5G (WM5G) believes, with better connectivity paving the way to a community-based approach.

Smith told Mobile World Live that stakeholders in the sector had worked for many years “to shift where healthcare takes place”, with a desire to open up more healthcare opportunities in homes and communities.

“You can’t do that without great connectivity. So 5G is a fundamental enabler for making that move to community-based healthcare”.

“And it’s across the cycle. It’s helping with prevention, helping people manage their health better, helping with screening and diagnosis.” Smith explained 5G would also make a huge difference across other areas including emergency response, along with managing long-term conditions.

During the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Smith said WM5G had worked on various ways to offer assistance using technology in care homes, and ways to help doctors engage with staff without exposing either to risk, enabling “a full diagnosis in a care home completely remotely”.

“This isn’t just video consultation. This is proper technology in the homes that diagnoses illness very closely,” he said.

In the interview, Smith also discussed work the WM5G project conducted with operator BT Group on connected ambulances. Click here to watch.