Sigfox pushes a dual G approach to save enterprise costs


Deputy CEO Sigfox

INTERVIEW: Franck Siegel, deputy CEO at IoT specialist Sigfox, suggested enterprises in the transport and logistics sectors run the risk of losing money by not integrating mobile tech into their operations, while noting environmental benefits were also proving a key driver.

Siegel told Mobile World Live economic and environmental benefits were pushing enterprises to adopt technologies like 5G, in addition to its own IoT solutions (based on its proprietary ‘0G’ network), with a strong focus on operational efficiency as part of a wider digital transformation effort.

He noted there were “plenty of assets flying around the globe and companies are losing money”, by not having optimised routing of assets.

“IoT can track and trace the asset and bring efficiency into their supply chain. This is why IoT benefits businesses,” he said. Sigfox offers smart trackers to the shipping industry, and Siegel said it was important for enterprises to generate a return on their technology investment through data.

“The intelligence of our technology sits in the cloud. We need to have the device as stupid as possible in order to bring as little electronics, as little complexity as possible to be environmentally friendly, and to be as cheap as possible, in order for the RoI in the shipping industry, and for the customer, to fly.”

Siegel also talked about a recent Google partnership and how its zero-G network complements next-generation 5G. Click here to watch.