Operator TIM urges a customised approach to smart cities


Public Sector Director TIM

INTERVIEW: TIM public sector director Claudio Pellegrini emphasised the need to create tailored smart city platforms able to deal with the wide range of data types already used by authorities to ensure projects meet their potential.

Speaking to Mobile World Live, the executive noted there was not a single “off the shelf” solution suitable for smart cities, with each location having very specific requirements.

To ensure these are accommodated and drive ultimate success of the system, he pointed to the need for a consultative approach by operators.

“One of the most critical points [to consider] is the diversity of the IT system adopted by the public administration,” he added. “Since every city uses its own tools, one of the main challenges is the harmonisation of every data format to be integrated, processed and managed by the smart city solution.”

Citing TIM’s experience deploying a system in Venice designed to accommodate elements unique to the city and its famous canal network, he noted smart city systems must be “designed with the customer, keeping in mind the specific problems and characteristics of each city”.