Intel pitches private 5G as enterprise tool


VP and GM of the 5G Infrastructure Division

INTERVIEW: Caroline Chan, VP and GM of the 5G infrastructure division at Intel’s Network Platform Group, told Mobile World Live its customers are getting past the hype and starting to see the technology as a means to an end.

The executive explained enterprises often want their own mobile networks to meet security and control requirements, with selections on technology led by a need to deliver specific functionality.

In an interview, Chan explained many enterprises need “connectivity with compute to solve a business problem” and the solution often ends up being 5G with edge computing which “really becomes synonymous as part of the private network conversation”.

Chan highlighted various use cases and verticals which are starting to employ private 5G. She also outlined several different deployment scenarios with contrasting levels of operator involvement.

All private 5G networks have one thing in common, Chan argued: “At the end of the day, the decision makers are the enterprises themselves”.

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