16 November


There are expected to be around 150 million 5G connections globally by the end of the year, following the successful launch so far of nearly 30 markets across the world. This themed week will explore early lessons from 5G deployments and explore various sectors of the market: from the importance of quality 5G testing, new business models around network buildout, the availability of affordable devices, the emergence (and viability) of private 5G networks, through to early 5G use cases.

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In the coming months, Mobile World Live will dedicate a week of content to drill down into the hottest topics of our industry. Content will be delivered in a variety of formats, which will include webinars, live panels and interviews with key players. During each themed week, we will highlight key trends and bring to you bespoke research and analysis that you won’t find outside of the GSMA! In our first week, November 16th, the focus will be on “Building the Perfect 5G Network” During this theme week Mobile World Live will explore these two markets – and more – to determine what impact this trend is having across the ecosystem. If you would like to collaborate with us or sponsor this week, please contact us urgently by completing the form below immediately as inventory is limited! By submitting this form, you understand and agree that your data will be shared with the GSMA and our partner, Mobile World Live, referred to above.