BT Sport

INTERVIEW: BT Sport director of mobile strategy Matt Stagg (pictured) cited the huge potential of 5G as key to many of the broadcaster’s plans, offering opportunities in production and delivery of advanced consumer services.

Speaking to Mobile World Live as part of our new Themed Week programme, Stagg highlighted the company’s work in developing new applications based on the latest network technology, alongside collaborations with a range of broadcast and entertainment industry groups to develop new use cases.

On the production side, he pointed to the possibility of full broadcast networks offering untethered camera options and the opportunity for immediate remote editing.

For consumers, Stagg anticipated 5G would open a more immersive experience in stadia and homes.

“We're looking and trialling things like extended reality,” he added. “We know there are many opportunities. Our vision is if you can't be at the stadium, then you can have a stadium experience in your home, be that with wearables or other devices."

"We envisage you having your augmented reality glasses, you'll have your screen set-up, see your friend sat with you. Every seat is the best in the house.”

For those watching the action in person, Stagg points to the possibility of overlaying statistics onto wearables and elements such as graphics helping people find their seats.

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