Mobile World Live digital advertising

Mobile World Live offers digital advertising across, the daily and weekly newsletters and in the e-Show Daily at Mobile World Congress events. Reach an unrivalled global audience of mobile industry key decision makers with your campaigns.

Eshow dailies for MWC Barcelona, Shanghai and America’s


Q: Are the banner ads the Mobile World Live Daily email static?

A: Yes, because it appears in an email we cannot easily use animated files as they are frequently blocked by email systems

Q: How many impressions do you average for a banner or advertorial

A: The daily news goes to 160,000+ subscribers and has an open rate of 18%

Q: What are the creative specifications for a banner advertisement?

A: The banner needs to be supplied as a JPG or PNG file size 700px by 90px and we also need a destination URL

Q: Do you expect material 5 days previous to the deployment date?

A: Ideally yes, in case of any problems with the specifications, but we can cope with 48 hours if need be but we cannot guarantee at this late stage because there will not be any time to re-supply the material if it doesn’t meet the specifications

Q: Is one day enough? Would you suggest the 10-day pack?

A: The more days promoted increases your reach to our readership so we’d advise as many as your budget can afford

Q: How many impressions do you average per this format?

A: Advertorials are mainly text driven so can get better impact than banners as they are not dependent on downloading an image. They also sit in-line with editorial so have better visibility

Q: What are the creative specifications for an advertorial?

A: We need 30 words including headline, a 100px by 100px image and a destination URL

Q: How many impressions does an advertisement on get? What would you suggest min. Impressions to plan for to really make a difference?

A: Typical packages of these are 50k or 100k impressions. The home page gets around 50k unique visitors per month, so a 50k package would last around four weeks

Q: What are the creative specifications for a half page banner on

A: We need a 300px by 600px image in JPG or PNG format plus a destination URL. We can also accommodate HTML5 or animated GIF formats

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